The ground floor can accommodate up to 35 people

The lower level can accommodate up to 60 people

Select the area that best suits your private dining needs.


We organise private parties to celebrate special occasions for your family or company. During the party, we will offer a selection of dishes from a specially designed menu. Reservations can be made in advance. We can seat up to 25 people at a single table, or 60 people at separate tables. We can help you hold parties at your home or other venue of choice, and offer off-premise catering. We also organise music evenings where we invite by both well-known performers and rising stars.

Corporate events

The restaurant can be closed just for you, so that the entire team will be dedicated to helping you create a memorable event. As always, we offer the very best food, with a wide selection of appetizers and main meals. We can seat up to 25 people at a single table, or 60 people at separate tables. We also accept small companies for private events upon request.

Tasting events

We hold tasting events together with well-known chefs, sommeliers, and food and beverage gourmets who will accompany you around the world of gastronomy. During the event, you will be introduced to seasonal products and dishes prepared from products characteristic of that season, which will of course be paired with beverages. This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy not only the food, but also the company of the other guests.


A separate area of the restaurant is available for conferences, equipped with a screen, projector and audio equipment for your convenience. We can seat up to 25 people at the conference table. During the event, we can offer various snacks, lunch, desserts, and a wide selection of beverages. We can accommodate up to 60 people in total. If you order in advance, we will make snacks and hot meals for take-out.